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Not able to properly structure the grid?


I am using a  Web API to bind data to my angular grid. The data from API is retrieved by using angular http and binded to grid by using promise fn. The data is successfully binded,but not all headers are displayed. I have around 15 columns, but only 7 columns are displayed. But the irony is I have data for all the columns. Also the structure of  grid is not proper. I don't have any css applied externally. There is some misalignment between the data and the header , since only 7 columns header is displayed and I have data for 15 columns . Is there any property like defaultcolumnwidth so the width of column will be set accordingly based of column data. From what i can see in the DOM is that the headers are rendered but somehow not displayed. i.e. when I do scrolling (Horizontal) the data is scrolling but not the table header. The table headers are not aligned with data. Could you tell me why I would be experiencing this.

Hoping to hear from you soon.


Rahul S