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Using IgniteUI Angular with Visual Studio 2017

I wonder if anyone can help me to use IgniteUI Angular component in a Web Application ASP.NET Core that is generated with the VS2017 template for Angular.

After creating my solution and test it successfully, i tried to use Ignite UI Angular without success despite that I think that I have done the right thing.

After creating my solution, in the project directory I have run in a Command line Windows "npm install igniteui-angular --save-dev".

Added "import { IgxDatePickerModule } from 'igniteui-angular';" in my app.module because import { IgxDatePickerModule } from 'igniteui-angular/main'; gives an error 

Added IgxDatePickerModule in declaration.

Added these line in my component

     <h2>Please pick a date: </h2><br />
    <igx-datePicker item-width="50%" [value]="date" [formatter]="formatter"></igx-datePicker>

When running the web app, there is an exception.

Is it because I use Node V8.11.3 ?