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Problem with the horizontal scrolling in the datagrid


When i 'm using datagrid occurres a problem with a horizontal scrolling. Datagrid freezes on scroll to the left or to the right.

Grid contains 28 columns and approximately 120 rows.

I'm using ng-template to render custom contents of cells. When im not using ng-template - there are almost no freeze, while scrolling. But when am using ng-template (even if i just interpolate variable in it, like this {{value}}) component begining to lag hardly, even if there are 20 rows. 

Please tell what could be the problem and how i can fix it?

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    Offline posted

    Hello Aleksey,

    Thank you for contacting Infragistics support.

    Could you send us a working sample reproducing this freezing issue so we could further investigate? You can use for providing your sample if it's more convenient.

    I am looking forward to receiving your sample.