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igx.grid autorowhieght, Dynamic component rendering, Server side filter/ Sort.


Need a demo or reference to Implement below mentioned features.

1) autorowhieght

2) Dynamic component rendering for grid cell

3) Server side filter/ Sort.

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    Hi Himanshu,

    Please find my answers below:

    1) Template rendering

    You can create your columns dynamically in code, and then use ngFor to render those in the markup:

    <igx-grid #grid1 [data]="data | async" [autoGenerate]="false" [paging]="true" [perPage]="6"(onSelection)="selectCell($event)">
    <igx-column *ngFor="let column of columns; index as i;" [filterable]="column.filterable" [sortable]="column.sortable" [field]="column.fieldName">

    <ng-template><div [innerHTML]="column.template"></div></ng-template>




    2) Auto row height

    Auto row height is not supported - you either set the row height, or if not set it falls back to e default value that depends on the grid displayDensity option.

    3) Server side sorting and filtering

    I will keep you posted once I have more information to share with you.

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