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Prepopulate the selected igx-combo control value in a reactive form


I'm looking at your Angular sample for igx-combo using reactive forms:  Is there a way to set a default selected value in the igx-combo controls in the reactive form?   For example in your sample, I'd like to use this form to buy new movie tickets and edit existing movie tickets.  When editing you'd need to prepopulate the already selected value of combo box as well as the date picker.



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    This can been resolved:

        public ds = ["Comedy"];

        public user: FormGroup;

        constructor(fb: FormBuilder) {

            this.user ={

                date:  new FormControl( new Date("2018-08-27")),

                dateTime: [""],

                email: ["", Validators.required],

                fullName: new FormControl("", Validators.required),

                genres: new FormControl(this.ds, Validators.required),

                phone: [""]