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Server Side Filter

I was wondering if there is a way in UI Grid for Angular to disable certain features as far as Filtering goes.

Also is there a way to change the string it sends to remote ? In my case it send something like this

POST /leads/list?inlinecount=allpages&orderby=s_contact_email&sortdir=desc&$filter=substringof(%27miller%27,p_contact_name)%20and%20not%20substringof(,%20s_contact_email)%20and%20lead_id%20eq%20null%20or%20startswith(lead_id,%275%27)&offset=0&rowcount=10

which when decoded looks like this

POST/leads/list?inlinecount=allpages&orderby=s_contact_email&sortdir=desc&$filter=substringof('miller',p_contact_name) and not substringof('', s_contact_email) and lead_id eq null or startswith(lead_id,'5')&offset=0&rowcount=10

in this case it uses "substringof" and "not substringof" which makes it hard to do a good case statement. In some of the docs i find that they use doesnotcontain and contains which makes it way easier to handle.

Also does anyone know of some sample code how to break down the querystring in NodeJs on server side. Would be great to have a starting point