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Change title color in igx-datePicker from pink to blue

I'm trying to change the color of my date picker; however, it doesn't seem to be working.  Below is from the component scss file:

// Import all required functions and mixins
@import "~igniteui-angular/lib/core/styles/themes/utilities";
@import "~igniteui-angular/lib/core/styles/components/date-picker/date-picker-theme";
@import "~igniteui-angular/lib/core/styles/components/date-picker/date-picker-component";

$my-data-picker-theme: igx-date-picker-theme( $color: blue);

:host ::ng-deep {
@include igx-date-picker($my-data-picker-theme);
This approach worked for a checkbox:

@import "~igniteui-angular/lib/core/styles/themes/utilities";
@import "~igniteui-angular/lib/core/styles/components/checkbox/checkbox-theme";
@import "~igniteui-angular/lib/core/styles/components/checkbox/checkbox-component";

$my-checkbox-theme: igx-checkbox-theme($fill-color: #337AB7);

:host ::ng-deep {
@include igx-checkbox($my-checkbox-theme);
Thanks in advance.