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Filtering on a date column in an igx-grid


I'm having a difficult time using IgxDateFilteringOperand on a date column for rows in an igx-grid.  Can you provide me a few examples of filtering on date = today and date = tomorrow.



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    Hello Jeff,

    In order to add several date filtering condition to a grid column you should create filtering expression tree. Here is what you need to do:

    First create your start and end date conditions like this:

    const startDate = new Date(2012,1,2);
    const startDateCondition = IgxDateFilteringOperand.instance().condition('after');
    const startDateExpression = {
         condition: startDateCondition,
         fieldName: "OrderDate",
         searchVal: startDate
    const endDate = new Date(2018,1,2);
    const endDateCondition = IgxDateFilteringOperand.instance().condition('before');
    const endDateExpression = {
         condition: endDateCondition,
         fieldName: "OrderDate",
         searchVal: endDate

    Then create filtering expression tree for your date column, where these two conditions will be added and add both conditions:

    const dateFilteringExpressionsTree = new FilteringExpressionsTree(FilteringLogic.And, "OrderDate");

    Finally create expression tree for your grid and add to its filtering operands date filtering expression tree:

    const gridFilteringExpressionsTree = new FilteringExpressionsTree(FilteringLogic.And);

    To apply this filter set the grid filtering expression tree to your grid:

    this.grid1.filteringExpressionsTree = gridFilteringExressionsTree;

    Please let me know if this answer your question or if you need any further assistance on this matter.

    Software Developer