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Datagrid Edit Mode Customization Datagrid Edit Mode Customization Datagrid Edit Mode Customization

I need to press f2 or enter to switch to edit mode in the current Datagrid component, I want to customize this usage.

I want this edit mode to be activated when i click any key on the keyboard.

I also want to navigate to the right and left with the arrow keys while edit mode is active, can you please help me about this issue ?

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    Thank you for contacting Infragistics Support!

    Here is a small example, how you can enter edit mode by start typing, All in all you need to add event listener keydown to the grid component and just to set the cell in the edit mode depending on the key pressed. Also It is good to keep in mind that we provide you a default keyboard navigation so please read our documentation carefully , in order to understand when focus changed event is emitted, how can you handle it. 
    About the second required behavior to navigate with arrow keys when the cell is edit mode, please keep in mind that in this way you will kill the default input behavior, so you will not be able to navigate in the input. That's why the 'Tab' and 'Shift + Tab' gives you the required behavior. So currently there is no way to achieve that only with arrow right and arrow left keys. If this behavior is necessity for you you can log it as an feature request in our GitHub repository.
    If you need any further assistance, please contact us.

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