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Is there a way to change font size when changing display density?


I was wondering if there is some way to change font size for all the elements in IgxGrid or at least column rows/headers when changing the display density? If not,  is there any recommended way of doing it?

So basically what I'm trying to accomplish is having the options (3 radio buttons - picture below) for user so that he can choose which size (display density) of the IgxGrid he wants to set (small - "compact", normal - "cosy" , large - "comfortable") and for each of those options a specific font size would be set too for the whole (preferable) IgxGrid.

For example "compact" - 10px, "cosy" - 14px, "comfortable" - 18px. 

Thanks in advance.


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    Hello Ivan,

    Thank you for contacting Infragistics!

    The font size of the igx-grid and its elements is controlled by the Ignite UI for Angular Typography Sass module and that being said it does not depend on the density of the grid.

    I would suggest you to open an issue in IgniteUI for Angular repository and set the feature-request label so that the team could further look into this functionality and consider adding change font options for the different densities.

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