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Themes not working as *I* expected. Default Theme not applied

Good Morning,

It was my expectation that with a few lines of code I could include one of the Infragitics themes as explained here. (

I am working from the "Default Theme" section. I created a new angular project using the Infragistics angular-cli. I added a button to the HTML (and supporting module imports) like this.

<button igxButton="raised">Sign In</button>

This is what I get:

Now I follow the directions on the tutorial and add the following:

// import first the IgniteUI themes library
@import "~igniteui-angular/lib/core/styles/themes/index";

// Don't forget to include the igx-core first
@include igx-core();

// the default color palette is passed to the global theme
@include igx-theme($default-palette);

I still get the "hot pink" button seen above. However the tutorial claims and shows it to be grey. So I open the tutorial sample in StackBlitz and I become very confused.

They have manually added to the scss additional styling to get the grey effect????

margin-bottom: 5px;
background-color: lightgrey;
color: black;
&:hover {
background-color: rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.26)

If I take away the above scss then the sample is back to hot pink just like mine???

So I am confused. I thought the idea of the default theme was to make it easy for you to get a consistent look and feel without having to do a bunch of styling???