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Igx-Hierarchical-Grid and Conditional Cell Styling

So for my current application, I am trying to add a custom border style on cell edit anytime a user alters any data on any level in an hierarchical grid.  Using the Conditional Cell Styling, I am able to have the custom border style appear no problem.  The issue I am running into is figuring out how to clear it from any grid cell that is not the top level grid.

I have a rough Stackblitz outlining the issue with a rough code approach located here:

In this example, if you were to edit any of the fields in the Object, SubObject or either of the States, a white dashed border should appear.  When you hit the Clear Styling button, though, only fields that have been edited in the top level hierarchical grid are having their custom styling cleared while anything on the Subobject or State edit borders still remains.

Is there a different way I need to go about clearing out the lower level Subobject and State grid's Conditional Cell Styling?

Any insight would be appreciated,


-Randall Blevins

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