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Set Focus on first cell of new row

I am using an onGridKeydown event to add a new row of an igx-grid which is editable by the user.

The question I have is how can I set focus on the first cell of the new row when my onGridKeydown event fires?

Here is an example of my code.

public customKeydown(args: IGridKeydownEventArgs) {

const target: IgxGridCellComponent = as IgxGridCellComponent;
const evt: KeyboardEvent = args.event as KeyboardEvent;
const type = args.targetType;

if (type === 'dataCell' && evt.key.toLowerCase() === 'arrowdown'{

const currentRowId =[ - 1].Id;
const newRowId = currentRowId + 1;

Id: newRowId,
Code: '',
Currency: '',
Amount: null

this.grid1.updateRow({}, newRowId); // Sets focus on new row.

// Logic to set  focus on first cell......???