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Error When Creating Custom Summary


I'm having a few issues using custom summaries with nested groups. See details below and provide assistance if possible, any help is appreciated. You will find a stackblitz reproduction of the issue at the bottom.

Scenario: Show only the sum of child level items that are nested in groups.


  • Summary shows on each child level.
    • Example:
      • Level1
        • Child 1
        • Child 2
        • Summary of child values should show here and does
      • Summary of all Level 1 children should not show here but does
  • Custom summary to only show the sum value has been defined but all summary values still show


  • The console shows an error of "ERROR TypeError: classRef is not a constructor"
    • Stack Trace:
    • HelloComponent.html:4 ERROR TypeError: classRef is not a constructor
      at IgxColumnComponent.set (column.component.ts:633) <-- IgniteUI
      at IgxColumnComponent.propDesc.set (watch-changes.ts:47) <-- IgniteUI
      at IgxColumnComponent.propDesc.set [as summaries] (watch-changes.ts:75) <-- IgniteUI
      at updateProp (provider.ts:448) <-- StackBlitz
      at checkAndUpdateDirectiveInline (provider.ts:196) <-- StackBlitz
      at checkAndUpdateNodeInline (view.ts:429) <-- StackBlitz
      at checkAndUpdateNode (view.ts:389) <-- StackBlitz
      at debugCheckAndUpdateNode (services.ts:430) <-- StackBlitz
      at debugCheckDirectivesFn (services.ts:391) <-- StackBlitz
      at Object.eval [as updateDirectives] (HelloComponent.html:14) <-- MyComponent
  • I'm sure I'm missing some type of wiring but can't spot it. I've followed the examples found at
  • The "classRef" error shows up even without the grouping.
  • The structure of my reproduction is partly pulled from my personal solution that this problem shows up in.

Reproduction of Issue:

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