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Strange behavior on low max values with igx-linear-bar

I am trying to use the igx-linear-bar and are running into some issues. In my app the user requests to process a batch of files and as the are being processed i provide a feedback on the status. This happens from my backend via First i send a message with the total record count, then after each s processed i send the update via to update the value of the bar.

Here is my observations if i test the bar lets say with a max value of 100 and just run a basic loop with out delay and return the updates via socket the bar will not complete even so the value was set to 100. Now if i go and but a delay between the updates the completion level will still depend based on delay. But in case of 100 it is around 50 milsecond which will reliable render the grid correctly.

The smaller the max value is the bigger of delay between updates is required. For a max of 10 it requires a delay of almost 250 ms to have the progress work correctly. On a max of 1000 i dont run most of time into any issues other the maybe that it shows 99% vs 100 once finished.

So my question is, is this an expected behavior ? Like i said showing 99% vs 100 % is not a huge deal but in the lower max values it might result into 50% to 70% which is less then ideal.

Also is there a way to force the progress bar to show 100% as it seems eve so the value = max it does not show as completed and 100%

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