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igx-combo when filterable option is false it removes filter input too

When I use igx-combo component filter search input feature is good and works but I want to fill data from Rest API unfortunately filter feature brokes me.

Example Case : After I type  "coca cola york" .. My API find familiar results about it like "Coca Cola New York Office" & "Coca Cola York office in England" .. However filter feature still wait starts with "coca cola york ....."

Is there any property or event to handle this ?
All I want is filterable = false but except removing filter search input so I can still use this (onSearchInput) event..


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    Hello Ahmet,

    After investigating this further, I determined that if the filterable property is set to false, an input could be set in the header of the combo using template:

    <ng-template igxComboHeader>


          <input igxInput #input name="filter" type="text" (input)="search()"/>

          <label igxLabel for="filter">Search...</label>



    Then its value could be get by binding a method to the input event and the method search would look the following way:

    public search(){



    Where input is a reference to the IgxInputDirective:

     @ViewChild('input', {read: IgxInputDirective})

     public input: IgxInputDirective;

    Please let me know if you need any further information regarding this matter.


    Monika Kirkova,


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