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Capture uploaded Excel Macro and apply to existing Workbook

I saw a post here saying that you support roundtrip on an Excel macro(s). I'm wondering where in the workbook object it is stored?

I need to apply a macro to a workbook because no combination of existing Excel functions (including the new Office365) will complete the kind of analysis and reporting I require within our application, as it requires grabbing a lot of information from several sheets before being able to calculate a response in the final sheet of the workbook.

I am currently using the code from your loading data example to analyze the object returned, in an attempt to locate the branch that might hold the Macro code, so that I can reproduce and attach it to the application in the appropriate spot.

A basic overview of the information is this:

  • sheet one has output values
  • sheet 3 has percentages (divide output by percentage to get input value)
  • sheet 4 has the time in days it takes to produce the output
  • sheet 5 is known input (less than 5% fill compared with output)
  • sheet 6 is where the macro would run to produce the projected input

The formula for the projected input requires backtracking a number of columns (based on the output date and time from sheet 4), where time periods in sheet 6 cover the beginning of production for the max time period.

The logic for any cell in sheet 6 reads something like this:

if (sheet4cell = sheet4max) { sheet1cell/sheet3cell }
else { sheet1cell (column - (sheet4max - sheet4rowMax) / sheet3cell (column - (sheet4max - sheet4rowMax) }

If there is now a way to add a macro in a more legitimate way, please let me know how. This is ASP.NET MVC with Ignite UI (RAZOR).