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Cell Styling not applied on other columns after change

I currently have two editable cells in the grid. First one is a dropdown and second is a comment. Depending on the value picked in the dropdown the cell styling for the comment cell changes to show if its required or not. I had this working fine by using below in the select method fired when picking dropdown value (highlight is the cell styling).

// this is needed to ensure the conditions refire on change of values
this.highlight = { ...this.highlight };

I found above approach in one of the examples given. This was working fine until I upgraded to 9.1.7 licensed version (from 9.1.2 licenses version) and now its no longer firing the cell styling method for the other columns only for the column which itself changes.

Can you please advise how I can ensure the cell styling is re-evaluated for other columns after changing the contents of one cell.

I can't downgrade back to 9.1.2 as I upgraded to fix another issue with the grid jumping on row selection