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Cell Style from string

hi, i'm trying to pass a string in the column using the [cellStyles] property but i get a css error. "SyntaxError: Unexpected token ( in JSON at position 69".

this is my string: 

{"background": "linear-gradient(to right, #8ca6db, #b993d6)","color":(rowData, coljey, cellValue, rowIndex) => rowIndex % 2 === 0 ? "gray" : white"}; 

and this is the function that I use to send the value of the css to [cellStyles] :

public applyCSS() {
        var splitted = this.field.grid.cellStyles.split(";");
        splitted.forEach(element => {                
            if (element!=null && element!='') {
                    var css= element.trim();            
                        try {
                            var style = JSON.parse(css);
                            this.field.headerGrid.forEach((column, index) => {
                                column.cellStyles = style;
                        } catch (error) {
                            return false;



What should I do to correctly send that string in [cellStyles]?