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Pressing enter when item highlighted in igx-combo closes dropdown without selecting item

Our testing team has identified a fairly significant issue with the behavior of igx-combo: if a user uses the keyboard to select an item in the dropdown list, then presses the enter key to select the item, the dropdown closes, but the item is not selected.

The users of our application expect to perform a majority of their work in the grid using only the keyboard and this behavior will definitely cause them to enter incorrect data.

Even if this is the expected behavior of the combo, which in our opinion it shouldn't be, how can we change this behavior such that enter both selects the current item and closes the combo.

One additional note that might be very relevant: we are using the combo in single selection mode. We have hidden the checkbox and enforce single selection using the documented approach.

This could be why the combo behaves the way that it does, but we think that the the combo should support single-selection mode as a first-class option since it is much more usable than the other options, namely igx-select.