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Tab-interaction in igx-grid edit-Mode in case of column's [editable] is depending on data


I have a column(ContactDate) in an igx-grid which is editable just for part of rows.

To achieve that I use the following code:

    <igx-column field="ContactDate" [editable]="true">
        <ng-template igxCell let-cell="cell" let-val>
        <ng-template igxCellEditor let-cell="cell" let-value>
          <span *ngIf="cell.rowData.Archived">{{cell.value}}</span>

In case of edit-mode of the previous cell if 'tab' is pressed my 'ContactDate'-column gets focused.

How to prevent that for cases when the column for the row is not editable?

I use the version 11.1.4

Working example: