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Show one fixed row in Top of iggrid below header


We are using iggrid in which we have multiple columns and multiple rows . we would like to  fixed the position of the 1st row below the header, so if we move the vertical scroll bar that 1st row should always be visible and fixed to position below the header.

below is the example, we have to show total quantity in one fixed row

Thanks !

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    Hello Dieter,


    Thank you for posting to Infragistics Community.


    From the screenshot I cannot really discern this particular row and whether it is a regular one or part of a summary section.


    In case your requirement is to pin a regular row, please refer to the Grid Row Pinning section of the Ignite UI for Angular documentation.


    Alternatively, if this row represents a “Total” property as a summary, you can find all about Grid Summaries here.


    Please, feel free to provide additional details regarding your requirement, so that I can assist you further.


    Bozhidara Pachilova
    Associate Software Developer
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