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Selected rows event also has previous selected rows

I am using Igx-grid and row selection feature. 

Scenario: When i select a row and delete a row and again select row the row selection event contains both previous row and current row in the new Selection array in handleRowSelectionChange() method.

Requirement: As we delete the current row, so when i select the row again i need the handleRowSelectionChange() method only contains the current row selected not the previous row.

As this is an ongoing project please respond to the query ASAP.

Thanks in Advance!!

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    As far as I tested, the issue is not reproduced on my side.

    I attached a sample I used for testing. Here are the steps I used.
    1. npm install and npm start. Open browser's developer tool.
    2. Open localhost:4200 in a browser.
    3. Select one or several rows.
    4. Click "Delete" button.
    5. Select one or several rows.
    -> Observe the console of the developer tool and you'll see all the newSelection has is the rows you selected in the step 5.

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