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Which style needs to be changed for xamDockManager floating window title bar color


We have an Application, in which we are using xamDockManager, this can be float. Once we drag and make it Floating window, it's title bar color changed to default blue color. We want to change this default blue color to Black. As suggesred in other post we need to add styling in App.xaml file. But as we are hosting WPF forms from WinForm, so that it's hard to set the styling in App.xaml as we are not adding styling here.

Do we have any alternate way, while we are creating object of WPF form or in any other place in code we can set Color for it's title bar.

We are using default.isl file for application level styling in WinForm. Can we set style for Floating window in that file? If yes then please provide the style for it. That would work for us.