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Nesting grid within grid cells


In our project, we are attempting to create a grid with data that has certain columns that we'd like to expand further.  I have created a diagram to try to illustrate what we'd like to do:

The initial grid would appear as the top, with columns 1,2 and 3.  Then, when interacting with Cell 1 (clicking the arrow for example) another grid would then be accessible with data pertaining to that particular cell and appearing underneath that column.

We have tried using the hierarchical grid for this but this only seems to give the option to expand the whole row and the data in the grid is relevant to the whole row rather than the cell in particular.  This obviously means the grid appears below as illustrated but not underneath the column whose cell is in question.

I hope I have explained this well enough, if you have any ideas for how we might implement this I would be very grateful!