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igx-grid custom paginator


I am currently using a igx-paginator in my Grid. 


The default paginator looks something like this:


So we have the items per page on the left side and the navigation on the right side. 


For my Layout, I want to have the paginator looking like this:



As you can see, first of all: Both items per page and navigation elements are side by side on the right end of the paginator. Additionally, the page index is between them, instead beeing inside of the navigation.


Is there any way, i can access the template to rearrange these items? So far, i only found out that you can use „igx-page-size" and „igx-page-nav" inside the „igx-paginator-content" template, but it's not possible to access the elements inside.


Im currently using the Paginator like this:

<igx-paginator #paginator [hidden]="!showPaginator" [perPage]="10">
                <igx-paginator-content class="paginator-content">
                    <igx-page-size class="paginator-page-size"></igx-page-size>
                    <igx-page-nav class="paginator-page-nav"></igx-page-nav>