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Tooltips for Jquery grid headers

Is there a way to get tooltips for the grid headers and not the data cells? 

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    Hello Nick,

    I have been looking into your question and currently we don’t provide a build in tooltips for the headers of the igGrid, it supports custom tooltips through the Tooltips feature only for data cells.

    However, what I could suggest as an approach to achieve your requirements and add a tooltip for the column headers after you create the igGrid you should add "title" attribute to the "th" element of the column. Each "th" element has "id" attribute which has the following structure "<gridId>_<columnKey>" where <gridId> is the id of the grid and <columnKey> is the key of the column.

    $("# gridId_ColumnKey").attr("title", "Your custom text.");

    The described scenario could be observed here:


    In addition, I have prepared small sample illustrating this behavior which could be found here. Please test it on your side and let me know how it behaves.

    If you require any further assistance on the matter, please let me know.


    Georgi Anastasov

    Entry Level Software Developer


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