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iggrid ungroupByColumn error while trying to ungroup


I'm working on a MVC project with iggrid. My model has a list of items and I'm binding the table with items. All works well, accept when I'm trying to ungroup a column after grouping it.

 $(function () {
            autoGenerateColumns: false,
            fixedHeader: false,
            columns: [
                { headerText: "Invoice #", key: "InvoiceID", dataType: "number", width: 100 },
                { headerText: "Invoice Category", key: "InvoiceCategory", dataType: "string" },
                { headerText: "Invoice Status", key: "InvoiceStatus", dataType: "string" },
                { headerText: "Contractor", key: "ContractorName", dataType: "string" },
                { headerText: "Project", key: "ProjectName", dataType: "string" },
                { headerText: "Invoice Date", key: "InvoiceDate", dataType: "Date" },
                { headerText: "Due Date", key: "DueDate", dataType: "Date" },
                { headerText: "Total", key: "InvoiceTotal", dataType: "decimal" },
                { headerText: "Payment Status", key: "PaymentStatus", dataType: "string" },
                { headerText: "Actions", key: "Actions", dataType: "string", width: 80 },
            primaryKey: "InvoiceID",
            height: '800px',
            features: [
                    name: "Selection",
                    mode: "row",
                    multipleSelection: true,
                    activation: true
                    name: "Paging",
                    pageSize: 20
                    name: "GroupBy",
                    type: "local"
                    /*persist: true*/
                    name: "Sorting",
                    type: "local",
                    caseSensitive: true,
                    columnSettings: [
                        { columnKey: "ContractorName", allowSorting: true },
                        { columnKey: "DueDate", allowSorting: true, isGroupBy: true, dir: "asc" }
                    name: 'Resizing',
                    columnSettings: [
                        { columnKey: "ContractorName", allowResizing: true }


Here's error that is being thrown:

How do I resolve this?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Offline posted

    Hello Rajib,

    Thank you for posting in our community.

    I have created a small sample trying to reproduce the described behavior. I am using the same aproach as in the provided code snippet. On my side everything works as expected and no errors are occurred when I am ungrouping.

    Attached you will find my sample for your reference. Please test it on your side and let me know how it behaves. If this is not an accurate demonstration of what you are trying to achieve, please feel free to modify it and send it back to me along with steps to reproduce. Alternatively, if the behavior cannot be replicated, please feel free to provide your own sample. Remove any external dependencies and code that is not directly related to the issue, zip your application and attach it in this forum thread.

    Having a working sample on my side, which I can debug, is going to be very helpful in finding the root cause of this behavior.

    Thank you for your cooperation.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Viktor Kombov
    Entry Level Software Developer
    Infragistics, Inc.

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