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IgGrid filtering Date type coulmn with Remote method


I'm using IgGrid and use "Remote" Pagination / Filter / Sort

when I filter a column with only date (no time) type e.g.  { headerText: "Date", key: "Date", dataType: "date", width: "80px", }, 

it return a "Local Milliseconds", which cause the problem when server side in a different time zone

is there any way to let igGrid return Utc Timespan instead of Local Timespan


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    In implementing IgGrid filtering for Date type columns with the Remote method, it's crucial to ensure seamless functionality and user experience. Leveraging remote methods for filtering enhances performance and scalability, especially with large datasets. By integrating this feature, users can efficiently filter date-based data directly from the server, optimizing the application's responsiveness. However, it's imperative to maintain clear documentation and provide user-friendly interfaces to streamline the filtering process. Employing appropriate error handling mechanisms also adds robustness to the system, ensuring smooth operation under various conditions. Overall, integrating IgGrid filtering for Date type columns with the Remote method enhances the application's functionality and responsiveness, contributing to an improved user experience. For further assistance with assignments or any academic tasks, consider seeking professional help from trusted platforms like

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