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Ignite UI Dock Manager Add New Document Tab and Activate Existing Tab with jQuery

Two questions:

1. How do you add a new "Document" tab to the Dock Manager with jQuery JavaScript?

2. How do you activate (select) an existing tab with jQuery?

Here is my horrible attempt. This ugly attempt sort-of works, but not really. What is the correct way to do this?

function AddDocumentTab() {

// Add tab to the document host
var DocumentHostPanes = FindDocumentHostPanes();

// Create slot DIV for the content

// New tab info
// The contentId must match the content div "slot" attribute
// Example: slot = 'content2'
var NewContentPane = {
    type: "contentPane",
    header: "My New Tab",
    contentId: "content2",
    allowMaximize: false,

// Add to array of tabs

// Activate the pane
document.getElementById('dockManager').activePane = NewContentPane;

The problems with my approach above:

1. The new pane looks active, but is not. Clicking it makes it truly active.

2. Setting "activePane" throws the error below.

index-4ea35742.js:1 TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'type')
at e.activePaneChange (:52498/Scripts/Infragistics/igniteui-dockmanager-package-1.7.0/package/dist/esm-es5/igc-button-component_20.entry.js:1:50858)
at :52498/Scripts/Infragistics/igniteui-dockmanager-package-1.7.0/package/dist/esm-es5/index-4ea35742.js:1:13660
at (<anonymous>)
at setValue (:52498/Scripts/Infragistics/igniteui-dockmanager-package-1.7.0/package/dist/esm-es5/index-4ea35742.js:1:13635)
at HTMLElement.set [as activePane] (:52498/Scripts/Infragistics/igniteui-dockmanager-package-1.7.0/package/dist/esm-es5/index-4ea35742.js:1:14032)