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DataChart not Displaying Data Points


I am wanting to plot simple sales quantity by week which I have done with the window forms chart controls.
I am now wanting to do this with the web controls. My VS project is an ASP.NET MVC using Razor project.

Y Axis is Quantity
X Axis is Week
Would Like to display the event name and product name in the chart some how.

I have copied off some of the examples from the website but my data will not plot on the chart. I am providing a screen capture of current output and also the data and code. Would appreciate any help. Thanks!

Existing Code including commented out code

                        .Legend(legend => legend.ID("legend"))
                        .Title("Weekley Sales")

                        .Axes(axis =>
                            axis.CategoryX("Week").Label(item => item.Week).LabelLocation(AxisLabelsLocation.OutsideBottom).Interval(1).LabelLocation(AxisLabelsLocation.OutsideBottom).MinorStrokeThickness(1);

                            axis.CategoryX("xAxis").Title("Week").Label(item => item.Week);
                            axis.NumericY("yAxis").Title("Quantity").Label(item => item.Quantity);

                        //.Series(series =>
                        //    series.Column("Sum").Title("Sales").Brush("#87AB3D").ShowTooltip(true).TooltipTemplate("Sum")
                        //    .XAxis("Week").YAxis("Quantity").ValueMemberPath(item => item.Quantity)
                        //    .Legend(legend => legend.ID("legend")).ShowTooltip(true).TooltipTemplate("Total Sales by Week").ShowTooltip(true);

                        //    //series.Spline("total").Title("Total Sales")
                        //    //.XAxis("MonthName").YAxis("TotalLoans").Thickness(3).ValueMemberPath(item => item.Total)
                        //    //.Legend(legend => legend.ID("legend2")).ShowTooltip(true).TooltipTemplate("Number of Loans");


                        .Series(series =>
                            .ValueMemberPath(item => item.Quantity)

                            //.ValueMemberPath(item => item.ItemTotal)
                            //.Title("Upper Limit")



EventName ProductName Week Quantity Total
Event 1 General Admission Ticket 46 1 31.2
Event 1 General Admission Ticket 47 165 5148
Event 1 General Admission Ticket 48 36 1123.2

Current Rending of Chart

Do data points are showing.. Please advise. Thanks again!