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Format Label with Date Values in igDataChart for ASP.NET MCV Razor

I have spent several hours (several!) trying to find a answer to what should be a very very simple thing to accomplish.
I am trying out the igDataChart by displaying some sales numbers by the first date of a week. I cannot find how to display the x axis date value is this format MM/dd/yy. The charte is displaying the date as long hand as possible. I am extremely frustrated  that there is no help for such a simple common thing. Please end my frustration and provide me with a resolution to this simple matter.. The following is part of my my cart code in ASP.NET MCV Razor. The cart displays the correct data but the x axis labels are a joke

                        .Legend(legend => legend.ID("dataLegend"))
                        .Title("Weekley Sales by Product")

                        .Axes(axis =>
                            //.Label(item => item.Week)
                            //.Label(item => Convert.ToDateTime(String.Format("{0:MM/dd/yy}", item.FirstDateOfWeek)).Date.ToString())
                            //.Label(item => String.Format(item.FirstDateOfWeek.ToString(), "MM/dd/yy"))
                            .Label(item => item.FirstDateOfWeek)
                            //.Label(item => String.Format("{0:MM/dd}", item.FirstDateOfWeek))
                            //.FormatLabel(String.Format("{0:MM/dd/yy}", Model.FirstDateOfWeek))
                            .Title("Week Of")

                            .Title("Quantity Sold");