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Two grid problems related to nullable columns

I've come across what appears to be two bugs in the grid, both related to nullable columns, but with distinct manifestations. I've attached a project with two pages, one that illustrates each bug

Nullable property not displayed

I have a class with a nullable integer field. This field is bound to a NumericColumn in the grid. At run time it is given a fixed value, yet the cell remains blank in the grid. No errors are raised. You can find this on the index page of the attached project

Unused nullable property causes reference exception

In a slight variation of the above class, I leave a nullable DateTime field with a null value. The field is a property of the class being displayed, but is not used in markup or mentioned anywhere else in the component. When attempting to set the grid DataSource to a data set including this data we get a null reference exception from the grid. This is displayed on the second component in the attached project

Can you confirm whether these are genuine bugs, or whether they are the result of something I am doing?