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App Builder Style on Download

I am trialing the AppBuilder for Blazor and the styling in the App Builder is not coming through properly when I download the project and run it locally. I have created a very simple app with the Header+nav+content template and the Fluent Dark theme. (The same issues happen when I use the Default theme except for the color issues.) I have added a grid and an input group. Below are 2 screenshots, one from the preview in the App Builder, and one from what runs locally. (I've tried running it in chrome and edge and both result in the same issues.)

Issues in app when run locally:

  • Header is covered up by the side navigation
  • Navigation text and icons are dark grey instead of white
  • Grid background is white instead of black
  • The text for the input group is missing (most likely black text against a black background)
  • Extra padding to the left of the grid

App Builder Screenshot:

Running Locally (Visual Studio 2022) Screenshot:

I realize the App Builder with Blazor is in Beta mode, and I suspect a stylesheet or a link to a stylesheet is missing in the downloaded project. Is there a quick fix to get the styles to work properly?

Thanks in advance.

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    Hello Kevin!

    This is a bug that we logged in our internal system, in order to get reviewed. I have also updated the private case with a link to the bug so that you can monitor its status and progress.


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