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Multi column combo box fields out of order

Hello! I am creating an MultiColumnComboBox on a basic blazor component. I'm running into an issue where it seems to be ignoring the order of the fields I've added.  Here is my code:

@page "/contacts"


<div class="row">
<div class="col-6">
<label for="cmbEntity">Entity</label>
<IgbMultiColumnComboBox Height="50px" Width="400px"
               Placeholder = "Select Entity"
               SortMode="SortMode.SortByMultipleColumnsTriState" />

@code {
private List<Entity> entities = new List<Entity>();
protected string[] DisplayFields = new string[] {"Name", "Number", "State"};
protected override void OnInitialized()
EntityManager em = new EntityManager();
entities = em.ActiveEntitiesGet("1","0");



You can see that I have set the "Fields" property to my string array that is ordered as "Name", "Number", "State."  But when the page loads, the columns are displayed as "Number", "State", "Name". How can I get it to display in the correct order? No matter what order I put the DisplayFields string array in, it's always displaying as "Number", "State", and then "Name" and I need Name to be first in the columns.