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IgbMultiColumnComboBox ValueChanged Event


If I have a datasource that has a field called "EntityKey" in it and I want to pass the selected item's EntityKey to a ValueChanged event, how would I do that? 

I have this as my combobox definition.

       <IgbMultiColumnComboBox Height="50px" Width="400px"
                                Placeholder = "Select Entity" 
                                SortMode="SortMode.SortByMultipleColumnsTriState" />

(please note I've pasted my code into the insert - code function on the forum post editor and it does not show up unless I go in to edit it, not sure if it will show up once this is posted)

When I try to set the ValueField property of the control to ValueField = "EntityKey" it doesn't recognize this as being valid.  When I try to set the ValueChanged="Entity_ValueChanged(Value)" it doesn't recognize value.  I've tried subbing in "EntityKey" and @EntityKey for the ValueChanged parameter, but none of it works.  I just want to be able to say that the value field of my combobox is the Entity Key and the when the value changes, pass that entity key to the c# code so I can do something with it.  

Please advise.