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Error when loading igHtmlEditor in firefox

We are using igHtmlEditor 14.1.20141.1020 in an ASP.NET MVC application. Loading is done as shown below in a .cshtml file:

scriptPath: "@Url.Content("~/js/infra/")",
cssPath: "@Url.Content("~/css/third-party/infra/")",
resources: "igHtmlEditor"

$.ig.loader(function () {
inputName: "Post", width: "98%", height: "48em", showInsertObjectToolbar: false, customToolbars: GetCustomToolbar()

When executing thr above, the following error is thrown in infragistics.ui.htmleditor.js:

this.workspace.contentWindow.document.execCommand("styleWithCSS", showUI, comandValue); // Line 913

Can someone please help us in resolving the issue?