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Error when loading igHtmlEditor in firefox

We are using igHtmlEditor 14.1.20141.1020 in an ASP.NET MVC application. Loading is done as shown below in a .cshtml file:

scriptPath: "@Url.Content("~/js/infra/")",
cssPath: "@Url.Content("~/css/third-party/infra/")",
resources: "igHtmlEditor"

$.ig.loader(function () {
inputName: "Post", width: "98%", height: "48em", showInsertObjectToolbar: false, customToolbars: GetCustomToolbar()

When executing thr above, the following error is thrown in infragistics.ui.htmleditor.js:

this.workspace.contentWindow.document.execCommand("styleWithCSS", showUI, comandValue); // Line 913

Can someone please help us in resolving the issue?


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    posted in reply to Furqan Shaikh

    Hello Furqan,

    execCommand("styleWithCss") is a standard JavaScript function that is used when a document is switched to designMode or when using contentEditable. In this instance we are telling the iframe that is the main editor of the control that it should have contentEditable=true and that it should use style attributes in markup for any styling that is applied. This really shouldn't cause any conflict in Firefox as the browser is compatible with this function.

    Do you see anything in the sample that I provided that is a radical departure from how you have implemented the control? Would you be able to send me a sample that reproduces the behavior?

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