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Show second series in Ignite UI ASP.NET Helper DataChart Example


i am currently trying to implement the ASP.NET MVC Helper DataChart example (see this link: and its working really well execpt i couldn't figure out so far how to add a second series of data.

1. The Controller code is the same as in the example.

2. My view looks like this:

@using Infragistics.Web.Mvc

@model FatKarli.WebUI.Controllers.ChartController.StockMarketDataCollection

<!DOCTYPE html>


    <!-- Ignite UI Required Combined CSS Files -->
    <link href="">" rel="stylesheet" />
    <link href="">" rel="stylesheet" />
    <!--CSS file specific for chart styling -->
    <link href="">" rel="stylesheet" />

    <script src="">>
    <script src="">>
    <script src="">>

    <!-- Ignite UI Required Combined JavaScript Files -->
    <script src="">>
    <script src="">>

    <style type="text/css">
        #chart {
            position: relative;
            float: left;
            margin-right: 2%;
            margin-bottom: 2%;
            min-width: 210px;

        #legend {
            position: relative;
            float: left;

    <div style="height: 400px">
              .Legend(legend => legend.ID("legend"))
              .Axes(axes =>
                      .Label(item => item.FormattedDate);
                      .Title("X [mm/s]");

                      .Series(series => series
                          .ValueMemberPath(item => item.Open)
                      .Series(series => series
                          .ValueMemberPath(item => item.UpperLimit)
                          .Title("Upper Limit")

3. My Model is the same as in the example except there is another field "UpperLimit" which is always 100.

When i run the application i can only see the second series (a constant line at y = 100) is shown. When i uncomment the second series, the random value series from the example is visible. But i would like them to be shown at the same time.

Can anyone tell me how to handle this?