igniteui ASP.NET MVC Helper not showing tooltip correctly


we are using the igniteui ASP.NET MVC Helper for showing a DataChart in our View and it everything worked great until we were trying to mark the maximum point in the line series with a red dot. After looking at the examples from this thread: www.infragistics.com/.../90010.aspx we modified our view like this:

<div style="height: 400px">
              .Axes(axes =>
                      .Label(item => item.Time);

                      .Series(series =>
                              .ValueMemberPath(item => item.Value)

                              .ValueMemberPath(item => item.Maximum)
                              .MarkerBrush("rgba(255, 0, 0, 255");

If we run it this is what we get:

As you can see the tooltip box doesn't show the value on the y-axis which we need! Only after zooming about 10 or more steps we get the complete info in the box:

Does anyone know whats the problem here? If there is another way to get the single point marker this would also be ok. Please advise.

Thank you