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Child layout with variable rows having textbox to enter details

Hi Team,

I want to display child grid in a hierarchical manner using the MVC helper syntax.

  Item Quantity
+ Item 1 4
+ Item 2 3
+ Item 3


I have the parent grid in the above format.

I need the child grid such that when I expand Item 1, I want 4 rows with textbox (and other html controls) where I can enter attributes of Item 1. When I expand Item 2, there should be 3 rows, for Item 3 there should be 5 rows and so on.

I see that there is ColumnLayout property, but if I do layout.For() - it needs a Child property for which I want to create a layout, but here, it just depends on the Quantity value (which is a int property of Item class).

Please help me to achieve this functionality. Expecting a fast reply from your side.