Saving and restoring igGrid filters, sorting, and columns


I'd developing an ASP.NET MVC application using Infragistics Grid. I'd like to let users save the filtering, sorting, and column hiding options they set on the grid, using a Save button on the UI. So, the setting are not to be saved automatically, but only when the button is pressed. This will extract the setting from the grid, and post them to the server, to store in DB. This part works nicely:

var gridSortingSettings = $("#CompaniesGrid").igGridSorting("option", "columnSettings");
var gridColumnSettings = $("#CompaniesGrid").igGrid("option", "columns");
var gridFilteringSettings = $("#CompaniesGrid").igGridFiltering("option", "columnSettings");

var url = '@Url.Action("SaveGridSettings")';
type: "POST",
url: url,
data: JSON.stringify({
sortingSettings: gridSortingSettings,
columnSettings: gridColumnSettings,
filteringSettings: gridFilteringSettings
contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
dataType: "json",

What i'd like to do now, is to be able to restore these setting from the database, when loading the grid. I can retrieve these setting as JSON, however, I found no example of setting these options using the MVC View of the grid, as the grid is initialized this way. I have no idea how to set a JSON here. Do you have any suggestion, maybe better ideas for restoring these settings?

I tried setting it manually, this way, using a Restore button (would't be working this way, just for testing):
var gridSortingSettings = <get JSON from server...>
 $('#CompaniesGrid').igGridSorting("option", "columnSettings", gridSortingSettings);

Then, reading it again: 
var gridSortingSettingsReadBack = $("#CompaniesGrid").igGridSorting("option", "columnSettings");

I found that however the JSON i read back changes as expected, the grid shows no difference. Maybe I need some way to refresh? Anyway, the perfect solutuon would be to make this load automatically from the MVC View when the grid is initializing grid, like setting @Html.Infragistics().Features().Sorting().Whatever()... in the View.