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Numeric column value format

I am very new in Infragistics igGrid. I am using igGrid in my current web application using MVC. I am facing 2 issues in the Grid column while entering any numeric value.

1. In igGrid, when I try to enter the numeric values, it doesn't accept more than 2 deciaml values
i.e., If I want to enter "2.896730", then it will allow me to enter only till 2 decimal places i.e., "2.89"

2. Also, I want to always show an integer value with six decimal places i.e., 1.000000
Currently, it only accepts integer numbers without decimal value i.e., 1

I tried to modify the code in UCHierarchicalGridUI.cs class as below,

GridColumn gc = null;
gc.Format = "#.######";

but it doesnt work as per my requirement.

Please help me how to achive this. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.