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igHtmlEditor Angular binding one-way...the wrong-way?

In the sample here, the angular binding is working, but it appears to only use the binding to load the value of the editor.  It does not seem to save the updates made in the editor back to the binding.  I have tried switching it to ng-model, but it didn't like that much.  Is there a way to make the binding work two-way, or at least write the changes back down to the binding?  A binding, to an editor (that's whole purpose is to change the data in the binding), that can only load from the useless.

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    Hi rsimm,

    The wrapping editor element of the igHtmlEditor is actually a html body. When you add any kind of text or html element (as a paragraph or bullet) you actually add these elements to a body. So, your request is kind of impossible, because:

    1) <body> is not proper element for 2-way binding;

    2) <body> does not fire change event;

    3) you cannot set nd-model to the igHtmlEditor, because in this way you will set it to the whole widget, not only to its editor (the inner <body> element);

    4) even the igHtmlEditor does not expose any event in its API that can be used for content change;

    If you want to achieve such custom scenario, you probably need to handle all kinds of content manipulation manually, so they can change the outer editor content. This includes typing, pasting, drag&drop, (toolbar)actions, etc. As you can see, it is not an easy task to do. 

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