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igEditor is missing from v15.2 and v16.1 - where is it?

I am in the process of migrating a few of our applications from v14.2 to v16.1.  One of the biggest breaking changes is the base igEditor control is missing: (available) (missing) (missing)

I see in 15.2 that all of the editors were overhauled.  More details can be listed here:

We dynamically iterate through all editors on the grid to provide extended functionality.  In the past I would be able to simply say

$(.selector).on("iggridupdatingeditcellstarting", function (e, ui) {

  var editor = $(ui.editor).data("igeditor");

  if (!editor) {

    editor = $(ui.editor).data("igCombo");




Now I have to interrogate every possible editor to figure out which type it is!  I need to subscribe to key up events.


  We used to use the "igeditorkeyup" event.

  $(editor).on("igeditorkeyup", function (){}});


  We used to use to subscribe the "keyup" event on the $(editor).fieldElem element.

  $(editor.fieldElem).on("keyup", function (){})};

How do I do this in a generic fashion with the new set of editor controls?