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how to add customize query strings behind datasourceurl?

Hi there,

i'm doing some researches using igniteui 16.1, i want to use some of the iggrid's features (paging,sorting etc) remotely , so I use datasourceurl property like this: dataSourceUrl: "/Dictionary/Dic_Country/GetList".

and while sorting or changing page in iggrid,  iggrid passes a url to server with query strings like this:


Meanwhile , I have some input elements in my page,i need to pass the data in input elements to server side while sorting or changing page,  i want to add my own parameters behind datasourceurl, but it seems like there is no way to edit iggrid's datasourceurl, i want to know while doing sorting , paging remote, is there any possiable to pass some more data to server side?

Sorry for my poor english, any reply will help, thank you.