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HtmlEditor fails to save image tag


I have implemented the HtmlEditor by using the Html Helper in one of my web applications. I'm using version 15.2. It works fine, but I have some problems working with images inserted in the html document.

If I insert an <img> tag at the beginning of the document it's in the html code sent to my controller. Same thing if I insert an image and format it's position in any way, say centering the image.

But, if I insert an image after a text (inserting the image inside a new <p>) the <img> tag is stripped out of the html code sent to my controller. Is this intended or a bug? There may be more cases this error applies to, but this is the one I've found and it makes the editor less usefull since you won't see it until you load the same data next time. The image is there when you edit the document.

Btw, are there any updates to this mvc control in version 16.1 or perhaps any plans to improve it?


Fredrik Walka

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    Please provide more details on how the data from the igHtmlEditor is being sent to the controller. If the getContent method is being used, please specify whether the "text" or "html" option is being utilized.

    Let me know if you have any questions.