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Add an image to excel using $.ig.excel

Hello All,

My question is that,

How do I add an image in a worksheet using Ignite UI jquery excel library. I want to use ig.excel library in my angular js controller. I have added below code in controller.js file . Please check and give me some solution.

var workbook = new $.ig.excel.Workbook($.ig.excel.WorkbookFormat.excel2007);
var sheet = workbook.worksheets().add('Sheet1');
var image = new Image(100, 200);
image.src = 'banner.jpg';
var imageShape = new $.ig.excel.WorksheetImage(image);

imageShape.topLeftCornerCell().getCellAddressString(sheet.rows(0), 0, 0, true)
imageShape.bottomRightCornerCell().getCellAddressString(sheet.rows(5), 3, 0, true)

while running this code , below error is shown
Cannot call method 'getCellAddressString' of null

I am stuck with this problem . Please help.