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Have datetime on scatter series


I'm trying to use a scatter serie for a chart that needs to display on X Axes a datetime and for Y a quantity (double)

I've defined my chart as 

<script type="text/javascript">
function createScatterChart(selector, seriesType, dataSource) {
width: "100%",
height: "500px",
title: "Test",
dataSource: dataSource,
axes: [
name: "xAxis",
type: "numericX",
label: "Label",
formatLabel: function (val) {
var bVal = new Date(1000 * val);
return bVal;
series: [
name: "series1",
title: "Test Series",
type: "scatter",
xAxis: "xAxis",
yAxis: "yAxis",
showTooltip: true,
xMemberPath: "hour",
yMemberPath: "qta"
horizontalZoomable: true,
verticalZoomable: true,
windowResponse: "immediate"

url: '@Url.Action("LoadChart", "IntraDayChart")',
dataType: "json",
type: "GET",
contentType: 'application/json; charset=utf-8',
success: function (data) {
createScatterChart("#chartScatter", "scatter", data);
error: function (xhr) {

while the datasource is composed of a list<IntraDayChartItem> where a IntraDayChartItem is


public class IntraDayChartItem
public DateTime hour { get; set; }

public string HourString => hour.ToString("HH:mm:ss.fff");

public double? price { get; set; }

public double? qta { get; set; }

public double? priceOrder { get; set; }

public double? priceOrderPlus => sign == 0 ? priceOrder : null;

public double? priceOrderLess => sign == 1 ? priceOrder : null;

public double? qtaOrder { get; set; }

public int? sign { get; set; }

public long HourInt
get { return hour.Ticks; }

How can  I've the X axes containing datetime and possibily auto scaled?