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Excel Exporter is not working Properly

Hi Team ,

I have an Ignite UI grid in my page .I wanted to export the grid values in excel So that I have added the code based on example what is available in Infragistics website. My issue is Excel is exporting randomly. I am not able to export the grid continuously .Please help me out team.

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    Hello Venkat Krishna,

    Thank you for posting in our forums!

    I have a few questions to help better understand the issue here.

    1. What version and build of Ignite UI are you using? e.g. 16.1.20161.2052
    2. What type of excel exporter are you using?  We have a server side version and a javascript version.
    3. You mention a sample on our website that you followed.  Could you provide a link to it for reference.
    4. Please clarify what you mean by "exporting randomly".  Are you receiving any errors while exporting, are some rows exporting and others aren't, etc...  Any details you can provide can help investigate this issue better.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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